The KENET Schools Connectivity Initiative (SCI) aims to coordinate the different commercial, educational and government organizations that are interested and willing to promote the use of ICT in Kenyan schools for teaching, learning and administration (SCI Concept Note).

The general objective of the initiative is to improve the quality of education by transforming teaching, learning and administration of schools in Kenya. It will support and empower teachers by directing them to supplemental material and open educational resources to support their teaching, and in the process, enhance their pedagogical skills. Coupled with KENET’s educational portal, the project will help in providing secure and safe content for the teachers and the students.

The aims of SCI fall within the mission of KENET as a catalyst in the transformation of education using ICT. Since it was constituted in 1999, KENET has focused on the promotion of ICT usage in higher education institutions. As of September 30, 2015, KENET had connected 190 campuses of universities and higher education institutions in different parts of the countries (see KENET coverage map at KENET intends to coordinate the efforts of various public and private entities towards provision of internet connectivity to schools using a scalable and sustainable model.