The various partners could participate in the SCI in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Donating or funding last mile connections NRC and/or MRC costs to the nearest KENET node for a participating school. Partners in this category include commercial fiber and mobile network operators like WGL, Liquid Telecoms, Airtel, Safariocm.

  2. Seting up networked school computer labs and providing the computers and tablets for use by students and teachers to facilitate teaching and learning.This component of schools connectivity could be funded by the County governments, School Boards or Parents and Teachers Associations, Global ICT companies like Google, Intel or Microsoft and other community based organizations.

  3. Donating or providing low-cost cloud-based school management software or ERP services for use in school administration. Organizations like Oracle that develop and support ERPs are potential partners.

  4. Providing Cloud-based e-learning systems and content to transform teaching and learning in schools. Partners may include KICD, KNEC, Google, KENET, IBM and Microsoft.

  5. Capacity building services for teachers in the areas of teaching with technology and e-learning content development. Potential partners in this category are KICD, Universities, KESI, Google, IBM and Microsoft

KENET therefore invites interested organizations willing to partner with KENET in building and operating a sustainable school network to fill the attached form. KENET also invites Internet ready schools that wish to participate in the SCI to complete this online form