In January 2016, KENET partnered with Bandwidth and Cloud Services (BCS) group to complete the installation of internet links to Alliance High School and Alliance Girls High School. This is part of KENET's goal of connecting secondary schools in the country to the internet, as well as a benefit for the Alliance community to access broadband.

The main beneficiary of this connectivity will be the teachers since they can find suggestions, lesson plans, practical support, information and materials that can enhance their teaching. The Students could also use the internet as a replacement of textbooks and reference books as it contains an endless source of knowledge

“We will primarily use the internet for capacity building for our teachers especially when it comes to lesson preparations. Our students participate in the World Scholars cup and the internet connection will motivate our students to discover new strengths and practice new skills” said Mr. Joshua Makau, ICT Technician at Alliance High School

The Alliance Schools are connected to the nearest KENET node, which happens to be at Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA). Radio links on the unlicensed frequency band were used to connect both schools. Due to lack of direct and clear line of sight from Alliance High School to PUEA, the boys’ school was connected through Alliance Girls High School. Both schools were provided with a router, switch, DHCP server and two (2) wireless access points.

BCS is the premier provider of back haul data and cloud services to mobile operators and Internet Service Providers in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda). The group is a shareholder in The East African Marine System (Teams).